The International Inter-Party Internet Platform (IIIP) was created in October 2020 in preparation for the SCO + forum held during the Russian presidency of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS at the initiative of the All-Russian political party UNITED RUSSIA. The platform is a united system of Internet resources to ensure a constant dialogue between parliamentary political parties, the expert community, business circles of the UN member states, as well as related public, non-governmental organizations, movements, foundations, trade unions, etc. structures in both bi- and multilateral format. On the basis of the platform, upon preliminary requests, international inter-party forums, conferences, seminars, round tables, negotiations, etc. can be held. events that can be carried out in an open to the public mode (free access of any visitor to the platform at any time and from any geographic point - by default) or in a limited mode (only for participants of the corresponding event), the latter is specified in the application. IIIP work is carried out using the working languages ​​of the UN (English, Russian, Chinese - the main ones, as well as, if necessary: ​​Arabic, Spanish and French). The platform is administered using the following basic principles and rules: - equality and mutual respect for all participants in the dialogue; - observance of generally accepted norms and rules of conduct in the Internet space and during international events; - saving unchanged in the author's edition (preliminary moderation, editing, censoring) of texts and images posted on the IIIP, while their authors - legal entities and individuals who provided them for IIIP are responsible to third parties for the content of these materials, and IIIP it does not and cannot bear this responsibility; - translations of the corresponding texts from the original language into other working languages ​​of the IIIP are made by the authors or legal entities and individuals who provided them. If the translations of the texts are not provided, then at the discretion of the IIIP administrator they can be translated into English, while he will not accept complaints or be responsible for the quality of such a translation); - it is strictly forbidden to use the platform to promote any forms of violence, incite interethnic, racial, interreligious hatred and insult the feelings of believers, propaganda of war (militarism), fascism, neo-Nazism, terrorism, election campaigns of any level, calls for a change in political systems, the foundations of the constitutional order , the structure and composition of government bodies, other types of unlawful interference in the affairs of sovereign states, advertising of drugs and methods of their use, alcohol and tobacco, direct commercial advertising of goods and services, demonstration of films, other radio and video materials, literary and scientific texts without observing copyright, related, patent, and other intellectual rights of their creators and rightholders; - the published materials must not provoke antisocial actions, contain obscene language, information discrediting the honor and dignity of people, as well as the business reputation of organizations; -administration IIIP has the right to remove from publication or correct materials posted in violation of the requirements set forth in these Rules, without obtaining the consent of the author of the material and without any explanations or justification of their actions; - the content of materials posted on the IIIP belongs to the age category 18+; - individuals and legal entities that have posted their texts or other materials on the IIIP have the right to withdraw them (remove from the IIIP), except for cases when they were posted within the framework of forums, conferences, seminars, round tables, etc. events and were archived on IIIP as part of other materials of these events after their end; - the authors of materials after their posting on IIIP may, within 48 hours after that, ask to make minor changes, clarifications, additions to them, which will be made if it is technically possible to do this within a reasonable time; - the organizers of events held at the IIIP site have the right to introduce additional conditions for posting information within the framework of these events, which in this case apply exclusively to the specific event specified by them in the application (forum, conference, seminar, round table, etc.); - it is forbidden to post materials of an anonymous nature on the platform (any news, documents, texts must contain the name of their source or author)