The great tasks facing the Shanghai Cooperation Organization require the consolidation of a huge number of people - citizens of our countries for the intended goals. Responsible political parties of the SCO member states should help such consolidation. Their first forum is held in October 2020 as part of the Russian presidency of the SCO. The forum was initiated by "UNITED RUSSIA" - the party of the popular majority in the Russian Federation. The October rally not only opens up prospects for the party dimension of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, but also significantly expands the boundaries of inter-party ties. Its name - "SCO +" - is due to the participation in the forum of the largest parliamentary parties from dozens of states in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. The special conditions for holding large international events during the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection have led to the acceleration of work on the creation of a specialized digital platform. In essence, it is the prototype of the world's first broad and accessible international cross-party Internet platform. It not only becomes the basis for placing on the Internet the official website of the SCO + forum in Russian, Chinese and English, not only makes it possible to continuously broadcast all the main events of the forum, but will also allow in the future to effectively conduct such global rallies. The potential of the inter-party digital platform makes it a reliable platform for bilateral and multilateral events of parliamentary parties, regardless of distance and time zones, and will increase the activity of international inter-party interaction. The SCO + Forum is also a launching pad for the work of an international cross-party expert group. Leading scientists and specialists will be able to discuss here a variety of aspects of world and regional development, jointly seek solutions to common most pressing and important problems. The organizers expect that the cross-party group of experts will be able to continue its work after the end of the first international forum in the SCO + format and will become in the future a joint thought factory capable of uniting the creative efforts of scientists and specialists from different countries on all continents in the name of peace, well-being and prosperity for all peoples of the Earth. The Forum will be attended by representatives of the leadership of the ruling political parties of the SCO, BRICS countries, partners from the CIS, Asia and Europe